TOP 3 Design System on Figma

TOP 3 Design System on Figma

A design system is something that you can use to make your life easier,

In the Design system, you have everything you need, titles, headings, colours, your layouts, dark mode, and light mode, everything is already laid out and planned out, then you use all of these when you go to design something your job is 99% is done.

Because you have all the system laid out and all the text, headings, toggles, and pretty everything is there in the design system, ready for you to use as you need. 

Now I’m going to share with you the best design system on Figma that you can duplicate and download to use in your project, these UI kits have been made by professionals, some for official kits or maybe not, read to the end to see the very best UI kit that you can use in your own projects.


TOP 1:

So the first UI kit we’re going to take a look at is “Headspace UI kit”.

I’m not sure if this is the official UI from headspace and this is the one that they use on their apps and things, but I don’t really know if it matters or not, because it pretty much looks like the real thing, let’s check out some of the components and some of the system that they use in this UI kit or this design system.

TOP 2:

Next, up let’s check out “” is one of the biggest UI framing kits that I have ever seen, it has at least 250 components, 200 screens, and 170 icons.

The really cool thing about this design system over here, is that you can pretty much use it for any app you want to build instead of going out and designing everything from scratch, enough talk .. you can check it out from the link below.

TOP 3:

Let’s check out “Hope Ui”, although hope UI is a smaller UI kit that we have already talked about, it's insanely powerful if you want to go out and build a dashboard for your application or for any project you are working on, this kit is insanely powerful for you.

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