Provider for Beginners + Create SHOP APP | Flutter Tutorial

Manage State with Provider

The Code for every part:
part5 - How to install provider in Flutter (code)
part6 - Using provider in flutter (code)
part7 - Add Like button (code)
part8 - Using consumer in provider (code)
part9 - Filter by Products Favorite (code)
part10 - ChangeNotifierProvider.value vs ChangeNotifierProvider (code)
part11 - Manage Shopping Cart (code)
part12 - Working on Shopping Cart (code)
part13 - Add Place order (code)
part14 - Order Screen (code)

Hello Flutters Developers, In this post I will share with you 15 short videos, to explain how to manage the state of your flutter application with the recommended pattern by Google, which is PROVIDER.

You Can Watch the Full Course For Free on YouTube from here

1- Flutter Tutorial |  State Management With PROVIDER + SHOP APP 🛍

2- Define Our Data Model | State Management With PROVIDER + SHOP APP 🛍

3- Create Main Screen Grid with Grid items | Flutter Tutorial

4- Styling and Navigation In Our SHOP APP 🛍 | Flutter Tutorial

5- WHY State Management our Shopping App 🛍 | Flutter Tutorial

6- How To Install Provider in Flutter 3 | Flutter Tutorial

7- Using Provider in Flutter

8- Manage State of LIKE Button ✅ | in SHOP APP 🛍

9- Using Consumer in Provider

10- Filter by Favorite Products | Flutter Tutorial

11- ChangeNotifierProvider.value VS ChangeNotifierProvider

12- Add Shopping Cart to our SHOP APP 🛍 | Flutter Tutorial

13- Working on Shopping Cart | SHOP APP 🛍 | Flutter Tutorial

14- Place Order Button | Flutter Tutorial

15- Order Screen | Flutter Tutorial


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