How to Make Your App Go Viral

How to Make Your App Go Viral

How to Make Your App Go Viral

Hello dear friends, This is a short article and I will share with you a small idea that will make your Flutter App go viral in days, Of course, this is not going to be an easy or magic trick, But it is a real tried experience by Dr, Angela and she talked about it before in one of the videos. and I think it will be useful to share this with you here on

Short Story

Back in 2016, there was an article in the NewYork Times with the title"To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This" and it was talking about the research of a sociologist who found that if you get two strangers to ask each other intimate questions that you might not ask a stranger
but he found that if you got strangers to do this it would accelerate their feelings of intimacy towards each other!!

And Dr, Angela found that article completely fascinating and there was a lot of interest in it so she thought "if this then what?"
She said, "people are interested in this Trend so why I don't make an app that could go viral"

Then she uploaded it to the app store and didn't really think anything of it went to sleep and then a few days later the app went

Step 1: Trend, You need a viral article, social experiment, or even a trendy topic and you can start to convert it into an application, You can find this viral idea from Google Trends or even Twitter hashtags.

Step 2: Simple, You need a simple and easy idea, not sure about hard work and a month's of work and if you don't get any downloads, it would be completely lost, so you should start with the simple and easy ideas.

Step 3: Value, Make sure to create high-quality apps, because nowadays there are a lot of competitors in the app store, and to win the race you should be special and provide real value to the user "Value = Money $$"

Step 4: Keywords This step is the most important step, when you choose the name of your application, the name is the most important thing, and you should choose a name that is unique and get a lot of searches to do that you can use this Top 4 Online Services

2- Google Ads Keyword Planner
4- h-supertools

I use these online tools all the time when I post a new video to publish a mobile app, this helps me so much to get the right keywords to use to get the organic search result, and I ensure you it works all the time, even if you didn't get fast results, just wait and you will be surprised in a couple of months.

Step 5 (Optional) : Google Ads, these days a lot of developers making apps every day, and to get a little change to get noticed you can spend some money to sponsor your app on the web and to get a posh to start your greatness, just till the users know the value of your app (step 3)

Step 6 (Optional) : If you choose to use step 5 and pay money to advertise your app, make sure to have a real domain and website to get the traffic to your website, so you can use your website later to get installs and more DON'T JUST PAY TO GET INSTALLS - PAY TO GET TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE

Summary : 

( Trend - Simple - Value - Keywords ) these are the 4 steps to go viral on google play, and one last piece of advice that has been very useful to many developers and startups, "Start with business ideas that give real value to the business owners and you will be rich soon"


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