How To Write Blog Posts FAST | Earn more Money

How To Write Blog Posts FAST | Earn more Money

How To Write Blog Posts FAST | Earn more Money

If you are a blogger or YouTuber, This Post is a Need For You, I’m going to show you how to auto create a Blog Article in Seconds without AI. so that you can create more posts and Earn More Money from your website, I explained everything in the video on YouTube, But in case you like to read I will summarise the video for you and you will find the Script link in this post, just keep reading.

If you want a step-by-step guide to learning how to convert Google Form directly into Google Sheet, you can read this article: Convert Google Form into Google Sheet | Data Collection Tools

Let's Start

I have a hiring blog, I post job offers and help people to find jobs easily, but the main issue is that I have no time to search and create a new post every day, so I found a cool and easy method to Auto Generate posts in certain templet, and this is by using FREE TOOLS, easy to use and these tools are:

Google Drive

Google Form

Google Sheet

Google Doc

And the method is by using Google Form as a Data entry interface, and after submitting a new response every time, Data go automatically to google Sheet, and this is easy and everyone knows this. So, I write a google sheet Script and use it to take the data from the sheet and convert it to a new Google Doc.

How is that?

I recommend you to watch the full video, it will help you so much, But if you prefer to read, just continue reading.

First, We will create a new folded in Google Drive and name it with the project name, and create Google Form, and if you don’t know how to go here 

with this step-by-step tutorial you will create a Google Form + Sheet in seconds with the data you need in your google docs, But for Turning this data into a doc continue…

After that, you will open the sheet and go to extensions then Apps Scrip, and delete all in the code block and use this script here, all you need is to set the doc id and output folder id, I mean the destination of auto-generated docs.

Then, set a trigger when submitting, Now you can fill a form and submit, and you will find a new doc just generated in seconds, If there is any misunderstanding in this part just watch the video.


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