6 Tools and Tips make you better Flutter Developer

6 Tools and Tips make you better Flutter Developer

6 Online Tools Every Flutter Developer should know

The main purpose of ifeps.net is to make you a better developer and especially if you are a Flutter Developer, so in this article, I will share with you 6 Online Tools that will make you a better flutter developer, Trust me :)

Remove background in photoshop in 3 Clicks

1- select the image layer from the Layers on the right.

2- from the menu bar choose Select then Subject. 

3- Wait till the photoshop selects your subject in the image in max of 10 seconds, and copy then paste into a new layer.

And no more time-wasting using pin tools, if this helps you share this article with a friend or follow me on social media

Remove background in photoshop in 3 Clicks

Remove Back Ground from an Image 

(online tools)

Of course as a mobile developer sometimes I need to remove the background of a jpg or any kind of image to use it as png on the onboarding screen to in the splash screen and don’t have much time to use Photoshop, so I resort to using free online tools, You can also use this free online services to remove any background of any image in seconds, I will list my top 3 background removal that I use.

1- FlexClip (The best tool I have ever used )

If you need to remove image background, this is simple with FlexClip, with this tool you can remove any image background you want, just give it a try and go to FlexClip

Amazing Videos Made Easy with FlexClip Video Maker

And get 10% OFF Any Plan
By using thic code ( 

2- Canve 

Canvas is my favorite online tool to create and resign all my work images and GIFS, it’s so clean and creative.


3- remove.bg




5- Adobe remote bg tool


Remove Back Ground from a Video

(online tools)

Sometimes as a mobile or web developer you need a simple video with no background and you don’t have much time to use a green screen or pin tool to mask the video, Just use these tools.


A similar alternative is Cutout.Pro, with this online tool you can remove any video background with one click, and no green screen, is required, Ai will do the job for you and save your time, no need to complicate the process anymore, all you need to sign in with google account, and with one- click you will remove the background 100% automatic, check the tool from here 

Social Media Images and Videos Size reference guide

Social Media Images and Videos Size reference guide

This is a wonderful online tool, that helps you to get the right size of your image and video on all social media platforms, it is now about just the size !!

You will be able to download sketch, sigma, xd, photoshop, or Ai file and use it immediately in your photoshop project or whatever you choose, for me I downloaded all my repeated designs and when I want to create a new Facebook cover, I go directly to my saved files and use it to create a new project, this is a very useful tool for your if you develop that creat content on social media like me :) 

Go to the website from here 

Don’t Use the Color Generator in Flutter | Top 5 CG for Designers - Read why? 

Creating GIFS

If you need to create a gif in your app or website, you definitely will need this website, which most of the content creators use to create creative and wonderful gifs, Giph has a very big library of potentially meme-worth and relatable content, It’s an excellent way to use trend in your apps, try it from here

Pixlr Online alternative to Photoshop

If you don’t like to use photoshop, this is the best alternative to Photoshop, and you can use it from anywhere, its a very good solution if you are in a remote place or on a work pc and want to edit image quickly, You will love Pixlr

      That’s it for today, if you are a flutter developer and need more of these Tips and online tools, save our blog in your bookmark for more

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